Bitcoin Short Setup

Check out the decreasing daily volume on lower highs. With all the selling in the short and long term, plus the ultra bearish flash crash candle, my science is screaming beauty short setup here.

I’m looking for entry on a failed retest of that 530 high. I’ll take the shot if it creeps anywhere into that red zone on very low volume. I’d set my stop on a print above 530.

With my system expectancy, I’m targeting minimum 4R (4 x risk) moves – painted in green. That said, I wouldn’t bid out there, that’s how you miss the 8R bangers (although I may unload some size). If it crossed, I’d set a hard stop at the target and let it run with a trailing stop on a 50% pullback. I’m looking for selling exhaustion or major support to close the trade.

What’s your science saying?


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I missed my original entry and had to chase down to 485 but I’ve still got it open and it’s a 10R banger now. You can see how the above chart played out here. I also added more on the way down.




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