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Interview with Sean Si

We came across Sean Si searching for a micro-survey plugin to use for conversion rate optimization (CRO). We’re big fans of Qualaroo but it was a bit of overkill for our purposes. We really had to dig to find anything of comparable quality and almost resorted to hacking together something ourselves. Then we discovered Qeryz.

They’re new to the scene and we really wanted to pay it forward by introducing them to you guys. They offer a great alternative to Qualaroo and their pricing is really reasonable as well. We reached out to them to see if they’d be interested in sharing their story and we ended up crossing paths with Sean, the founder. Sean’s a really accomplished guy that has a lot of knowledge to share with you today.

Without further ado, our interview with Sean Si on Qeryz and CRO.

The Interview

Thanks for taking some time to speak with us, Sean. You must be a very busy guy! For those that don’t know, what’s your background and what are you working on today?

Thanks for having me! Where do I start?

I’m a 26-year-old guy who founded SEO Hacker a little over 3 years ago. We are a digital marketing company in the Philippines with a certain forte in SEO. We’re currently a 25-man team with more than 20 brands under our wing. I’m still the CEO with the task of sales, marketing and moving the company forward in terms of innovation and growth.

I’m a motivational speaker – I do talks all around the Philippines. I’ve also been invited to speak in a couple other countries as well. On top of that, I do training and workshops in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and growth hacking. It’s an amazing job that I enjoy very much.

Most of my time nowadays is spent growing Qeryz, our first product-based business. It’s a SaaS tool that provides valuable insights to webmasters through on-site surveys. Building an SaaS tool is one thing, marketing it and generating revenue is another. It’s been a challenging thing to start. We’re 11 months in now and we’re still in the runway (with some MRR to boot since month 4). We’re looking at another 13 months to burn before finally turning a profit. Hopefully less but we can’t be too optimistic.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best! So Sean, most of us know obtaining feedback is important. Why is it so crucial?

Time. With Google Analytics, you get a general idea on what your visitors are doing in your site. You can find broken pages, maybe broken links – but you’d need to check in and look at the data and pinpoint what’s wrong by visiting possible leak/problem pages. That take a lot of time.

Time is what life is made of. It’s also your most valuable asset in a startup where founders are usually cash-strapped and forced to work with a small team.

Feedback is important but filtered, qualified feedback? Now that’s a goldmine.

What Qeryz does is target users who really matter. You can ask the right questions to the right users on the right pages. That’s qualified feedback. Those are valuable insights that can be used to guide efforts to improve your site – whether that’s lead generation, user experience, conversions, etc.

The kind of feedback/insight that Qeryz gathers for webmasters is something that Google Analytics can never tell you.

At what point did you decide that you were going to build Qeryz?

It was when I was using a tool that’s much like Qeryz (it’s actually where we got the idea from) for my SEO Summit event last year. I wanted to know who the majority of our audience would be (small to medium business owners, employed marketers, freelance SEO specialists, etc). This data is important because it dictates the topics we’ll present at SEO Summit 2015.

It turns out that I collected the data I needed, however, it cost me a lot. The other tool hits you back $79/month. It was a pricing model I wasn’t happy with because they only allow very limited features for you to play with. You can’t even remove their branding from the widget. I thought, for the price, people should get more benefits from the tool.

In my frustration, I found an opportunity – to improve the tool immensely and price it in a way that is relatively ‘fairer’ to people like myself. That’s exactly what I did. You can read more about the back story of Qeryz here.

How does Qeryz make conversion rate optimization easier?

Basically, it takes out the guesswork and leaves you with the actual data from your site’s real users.
Let me give you a case study.

We have a conversion rate optimization client that sells printing services online. We looked at their site and knew things were wrong. We were actually surprised that they were making sales at all.

Immediately, we knew the things we needed to prioritize in our conversion rate optimization efforts. It saved us a whole lot of time in terms of guesswork, invalidated hypothesis testing, and development. Now the client is enjoying an uplift in conversions and we’re enjoying a prolonged business relationship with them.

Aside from gathering feedback, how else can Qeryz be used for CRO?

Qeryz is an extremely flexible tool and can be used for almost anything related to digital marketing. For example, you could use Qeryz to qualify a visitor based on their response and redirect them to a page you want them to land on.

Wrap up

Thank you Sean for taking the time to do this. It’s always a pleasure to speak to people this passionate and learn more about their story. I hope you all learned a bit about CRO and found a use for Qeryz on your website. Show us how you’re gathering feedback by commenting with a link to your site!


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